Welcome to the
Square Dancing Club
Sponsored by the Evergreen Park Recreation Department
Our next dance will be on Thursday, May 14, 2015. The caller will be Darryl Lipscomb, and the theme is Sundaes on Thursday. Rounds will be by Flora Haynes. This dance is the last chance to buy tickets for the dinner dance. Please see Special Events for more information.
A Message from our President
Welcome to all square/round dancers and anyone interested in learning about our club. We are a plus level club and we welcome individuals as well as couples. Our current schedule (click on the Schedule button) indicates that our regular dances are held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month September through May . We offer beginner lessons (click on the Lessons button) every Wednesday from September through May, and plus lessons every Thursday from June through August.

We are a member of MCASD (Metropolitan Chicago Association of Square Dancers) and are sponsored by the Evergreen Park Recreation Department.

If you still have questions after checking our site, please click on the Club Contacts button for contact information.

Thank you
Terrence O'Brien
Club President